JMW RACING SERIES

FEBRUARY 18th & 19th  2017
JMW Motorsports Inc. R/C Demo Derby Circuit

sponsored by COW RC
Attending host Chapter for Motorama:
Eastern PA RC DeMoo Derby 
Pa. state Rep.: Tyler Spittle 

October 29th 2016
JMW  Hosting Chapter

October 22nd 2016
JMW  Hosting Chapter

November 11th 201
JMW  & Club Smashed Impire
Hosting Chapters

September 9th & 10th
JMW Motorsports Inc. R/C Park

  JMWCOW RC Spring National 
HT-RC Hosting Chapter
Circuit Rep. : David Tillery
Smash-It Derby Bash-4-Cash
May 26, 27, 28

     JMW-COW RC 
DeMoo Derby Circuit
JMW- The Original

North Carolina:
NC Slamers

Central Ohio Derby

 New York:
Smashed Empire

Carnage RC
Bent Up Motorsports

Roberts RC

Southern Iowa RC Demo
Iowa Mad Dog

Eastern PA RC
One Rock

Wisconsin Cheese Head RC

Minnesota Wrecking Crew
JMW-COW RC DeMoo Derby Circuit on Facebook

RC Derby Rules :

JMW Motorsports Inc. RC Demo Derby Circuit 
Sportsmanship is paramount.

2018 JMW Motorsports Inc. National class & National Truck class Rules

-------- BUILD RULES ------
Minimum 23 inches long (Slash), 21 inches long (Rustler), maximum 26-inches long
12-inches wide, max
Height minimum of 5.25 inches at fender (+/- .25 inches), and minimum 7 inches at roof. Measured from the ground
Weight: 7 pounds with battery, max.
No all-wheel drive.
Stock plastic parts or RPM: nylon only!
"No aluminum upgrades" besides LCG (low center of gravity) extesion plates on non-Slash (Rustler) chassis
Maximum battery 7800 MAH
Body should be made of soffit material, bending easily with fingers and looks like a car.
Maximum three layers at the corners of the core support / tail light panel
Door bars will not go forward of the front body mount, nor backward of the rear body mount.
Five attachment points: 4 body mounts and the skid plate (2.5 x 3 inches generally)
No full-width solid-form bumpers; front bumper will be an SCT RC bumper.
Battery must fit in OEM tray (6.25 in long, 1 in tall, 1.75 in wide). No double battery setups.
Cars questioned for training mode settings will not run.

A body must remain connected by at least two OEM mounts. If a body is totally removed from the chassis or being held by only one, the car is disqualified. If a body is attached by only two mounts, judges have the discretion to remove the car (the added weight dragging around can cause excess heat, and a fire hazard).

----- REPAIR ---------
Bodies can be patched in up to four spots, with a patches measuring no larger than four-square inches (1x3, 2x2), doubled and attached to the body in four spots.
The body cannot be patched until metal is ripping.
Patches can be manipulated to match body lines.

No full decking/shoeboxing. Cockpit area should be open on all cars. Come prepared to cut these areas out. When you look through a car window, you see to the floor area - when you look through the windows of the RC car, you should see the plastic chassis.
It is expected all RC cars have window openings on all sides as a vehicle would.
3.0 ELECTRONICS (Batteries, Motors): 
Any single 2s battery with a maximum of 6000 MAH (stock style rules) 7800 MAH (National). Battery must fit in OEM tray (6.25 in long, 1 in tall, 1.75 in wide). No double battery setups.
Any motors, brushed or brushles

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