JMW Motorsports  Series Rules
Unruly or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Individuals who cause any disturbance may be disqualified and removed by the race director if he/she so sees fit.
Race director may inspect any car at any time if for any reason there is a hazardous situation suspected.
Any of the following actions by a driver or his pit crew will result in disqualification from the event:
Operating a car anywhere that endangers others or while a race is going on.
Drinking alcoholic beverages, use of illegal substances or showing evidence of being under the influence of an illegal substance in the race or pit area.

Turning on a radio during a race with the purpose of harming another driver’s race.
The following may result in disqualification if the race director so sees fit:
Using any parts that do not comply with the rules.
Using improper language or actions with a race director.
Ignoring a black flag.
Rough driving or intentional hacking.

     Racing and Practicing Conditions
Drivers are not allowed to drive or operate their cars inside or outside the racing area while races are being held to prevent frequency conflicts.

Any material used to add weight to a car must be securely fastened. If a weight falls off during the course of a race, that car may be disqualified.

Broken cars are to be removed from the track as soon as possible. Work on the cars by corner marshals or pit crew is not allowed under any circumstance. If a car is broken then fixed by the pit crew, it must be restarted from pit lane.

Any driver who is demonstrating rough driving, unsportsmanlike conduct or
is hazardous to other cars and/or people will be immediately black flagged and may be disqualified from the event.

If you receive a black flag during a race, you must immediately pull your car off the racing surface in a safe manner. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
A black flag ruling may also be used at any time for abusive language to other drivers or race officials.
Any driver who does not have complete control over his vehicle must immediately pull his car off the racing surface.
Any car that loses its body must pull off the track until a pit crew can secure the body back onto the car.

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JMW Racing Series
                                                                            ** JMW- ON FACE BOOK **
Race Day Schedule     
Sign-Up 11:00 - 12:00 
Track -  Dirt .  

QUALIFYING   12:30 - 1:30

Drivers Meeting all classes 12:15

"JMW-     Races starting @  12:30 ,
 ,  MAIN @ 3:30 

Trophy Awards  4:00     


Admission, & Race Entry Fees 
  $12.00 1st class
  $5.00 / additional Class
  $10.00 / day practice and play
  $7.00 / day Practice & Play under 12
  $1.00 / day Spectator

JMW Motorsports Inc. R/C Park Battery Rules are listed as Maximum Ratings,,, Example 2wd class 5000 7.4, 2s , 40c,,,,you can run less such as 3000mah
, 7.4, 2s,4000 mah  20c,, or NIMH 3300-6000mah 8.4V 7cell
( RWYB = Run What Ya Brung)
7/7  RWYB 1/10 2wd & RC Derby Clinic
7/14 JMW RC Derby 12:30 - RWYB 1/10 2wd  2:30
7/21 RWYB 1/10 2wd & 4wd
7/28 JMW RC Derby 12:30 - RWYB 1/10 2wd  2:30
8/4  RWYB 1/10 2wd & 4wd
8/11 JMW RC Derby @ Steel Horse Harley Davidson
8/18  RWYB 1/10 2wd
8/25  North East Mud Boss National Series
9/1   RWYB 1/10 2wd & 4wd - RC Derby Clinic
9/7-8-9   ECC Weekend  Friday  Bomber 6pm
9/8  JMW East Coast Championship Weekend
9/22  RWYB 1/10 2wd & 4wd

RWYB Rules:
2wd & 4wd
1/10 scale , 2s Lipo Battery

RC Demo Derby Rules:


Bomber Class:
7/1, 7/8*, 7/22*, 7/29, 8/5*, 8/12, 8/19*, 8/26, 9/2*,
 9/9, 9/16**,9/23
1/10 short course truck
12T brushed system or 17.5 brushless system
1/10 bomber body ( 50's - early 70's)
battery 2s 5200mah 50c lipo maximum
* Points Race , ** Championship
Mud Boss :
7/1, 7/15, 7/22*, 8/5*, 8/12, 8/26*, 9/2, 9/9*, 9/16, 9/30**
Metal Muscle :
7/8*, 7/15, 7/29*, 8/19*, 9/2*, 9/9, 9/23**, 9/30
 JMW Metal Muscle Body, chassis follow Mud Boss Rules
.battery 2s 5200mah 50c lipo maximum
Late Model :
7/15, 7/29, 8/12, 8/26, 9/16, 9/30
1/10 short course truck, late model body , battery 2s 5200mah 50c lipo maximum
Special Events
8/26 * North East Mud Boss National Series & Bomber

9/9 East Coast Championship Weekend 
Derby: National, Truck & Outlaw class
( Metal Muscle ,* Mud Boss , Bomber, more info TBA)


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